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A drought has overtaken the lands, and your village needs help! You must get through the strange and foreboding building where there is hidden (according to the rumors, at least) the Fountain of Life, which holds waters of immortality that would save your people! Many perils and strange characters lie waiting for you, no matter where your quest leads you. This is a Storypath book, where you get to choose the path the story takes!

About the Author

Virginia Roper is a first time author and long-time reader. An avid believer of the potential of the web, she has recently designed an interactive story program called Storypath. This program gives a user the ability to write their own interactive fiction and publish it to the web in a format that makes it easy for others to read it. Virginia wrote Quest for the Fountain of Life as a full-length demonstration of the Storypath program, as well as to fulfill the need to exercise her creative muscles. Virginia also has a background in illustration, and produced the cover for this book. Her artwork, as well as her other projects, can be viewed at