So while I would prefer to think of this entire site as an "About", that's probably not sufficient. So, here goes:

Me in a My Little Pony costume

One of my better headshots.

My name is Virginia, and the three things I seem to be good at are web development, art, and writing. There are other things as well, mind you. I make a mean futomaki roll, for one. Plus, I'm rather talented at not killing houseplants (as long as they're cacti, that is). However, this being a professional site, I'm focusing on the things that might actually give me an income. This site has been around since 2000, and has seen way too many iterations - from straight HTML to HTML generated via m4 & shell scripts to custom PHP to the current Drupal 7 implementation. I also like to think it's grown steadily less tacky.

Here are more personal things that might go on an About page:

  • As mentioned briefly before, I like making sushi. Most food, actually, but especially sushi.
  • I live in Denver, CO. Originally from the state of VA, the weather here is much more to my taste. I'd really like to live outside the US at some point.
  • I built my first website in 1996. Two more years, and my web skills will be old enough to drink!
  • I'm trying to learn Spanish as well as the piano. I'm also trying to learn Angular.js.

And that about sums me up.